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Wood and fire. There is perhaps nothing more primal. With the addition of meat and time, comes one of the most enjoyed cuisines in America today. Barbeque.

Although the exact origins of the term barbecue are unknown, conventional wisdom dictates that the Spanish, upon landing in the Caribbean, used the word barbacoa to refer to the natives’ method of slow-cooking meat over a wooden platform.

By the 19th century, this ancient culinary technique was well established in the American South. Over the years, the science of cooking meat over indirect heat evolved and “Pitmasters” began designing and building their own custom smokers or “pits”.

Barbecue continues to evolve today with the advent of new equipment, techniques, and recipes. As a result, this evolution is no longer limited to the South. Chefs are now applying “new school” techniques, while staying true and paying homage to the “old school” ways of the Pitmasters.  Today, barbecue can be found in many places throughout the United States, and is now an icon of American culture.

Surf NJ combines two distinct American cuisine types under one roof - classic pit smoked BBQ and American comfort foods, featuring a selection of smoked meats, burgers, tacos, and perfectly executed bar fare, and a newly added lighter side to our menu, Surf is the perfect neighborhood dining destination. Artisan beers, bourbons and whiskies, and unique cocktails in a warm, rustic atmosphere add to the dining experience.

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